• Full handling arrangement service
  • Fuel arrangements 
  • Flight following
  • Monitoring the flight handling at all stages 
  • Liaison between the airport authorities, crew and passengers  
  • Wide choice of catering providers according to the customer needs. 
  • Arrangement in order & delivery of  aviation parts



Passenger services

  • Personal assistance for passengers at the airport area

  • VIP Lounge arrangements in all terminals

  • Limousine services

  • Check-in support for charter flights

  • Designated single point of contact for crew, operator and passenger representatives.

Transportation& excursion services

  • Transportation services
  • New comfortable luxe buses

  • Professional drivers and guides

  • Individual excursions for crew members during  their stay at St. Petersburg

Cleaning services

  • Our cleaning service is available on all types of aircraft
  • We are disposable on short notice  of your request.
  • We are able to provide: Wet & Dry wash, Bright Work Polish for chrome surfaces
  • Aircraft Interior Detailing

Representation  airline service 

  • Check-in assist & passengers service
  • Ground handling support, control at all stages
  • Immigration and customs assistance in accordance with local procedures
  • Local flight plan filing
  • METAR/NOTAM, flight briefings
  • Individual excursion at St. Petersburg
  • Hotel accommodation with discount and transportation.
  • Convenient service of ticket & hotel booking worldwide
  • Training and simulator for flight crew and technical staff

Services for crew